Thursday, May 6, 2010

Need a Diagram in your Comic Book?

helpful little images of different diagrams. I thought it would be a lot easier to find them, but not so much

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jamie McKelvie - Comic Book Layout Tutorial

Hey guys,

In response to the handout on comic print output, I revisited a certain ImagineFX workshop tutorial focusing on comic book layout by Jamie McKelvie, author of Suburban Glamour. This free download workshop shows his techniques - from his uses of references to converting to CMYK. Enjoy!


Sunday, May 2, 2010

hey class,

I wanted to share a really nice resource for the following sorts of visuals:
"Books~~Illustrations~~Science~~History~~Visual Materia Obscura~~Eclectic Bookart."

it's like a blog version of the library image collections.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Potluck Crit Party

Here's the list of what everyone's signed up to bring for our last comics class:
Chad - cups + plates
Ellis - coffee + creamer
Christa - orange juice
Lisa - fruit (grapes +/or strawberries)
David - bagels + cream cheese
KD - donuts
Izzy - potatoes (?)
Nat - pigs in a blanket
Joe - chips
Mercedes - deviled eggs / pastry roll (?)
Nace - taffy apple pizza!

"coworker potluck" image courtesy of

interactive inkiness on the web

So, probably I shouldn't be offering you all a digital diversion from finals, but this interactive flash site is all about letting loose your inky aspirations. Maybe a good way to loosen up and enjoy the unpredictability of the material (yes, ironic, since it's all digital). Takes a few minutes for the site to load, but totally worth it. Once you're done you can replay your own drawing/music video. Good times. Here's the LINK.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Paul Pope giving a talk...

Here's a funny lecture by Paul Pope from a series on "creating worlds." It's not the most illuminating talk, but it has some nice insights into Pope's creative process and arts background/history. Just skip to the "Pope Opening" part if you're not interested in sitting through the other speakers. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

C2E2 - Get ready!

If you're a comic fan in Chicago, definitely keep an open mind towards C2E2- the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo.

Just thought our class might like to know, there's actually going to be some huge names showing up. The convention is Friday April 16th through Sunday April 18th. Hours are Friday 1PM - 7PM, Saturday from 10AM to 7PM, and Sunday from 10AM to 5PM. Tickets are $25 per day, or $50 for the weekend.

The Convention is going to have a pretty amazing turn-out, so it may be worth going just to meet with some of the best comic authors and artists working today, plus some media guests- Alex Ross (Kingdom Come), Dan DiDio (Marvel Editor), Garth Ennis (Preacher), Neil Gaiman (Sandman), Geoff Johns (Blackest Night), Jeph Loeb (Batman: Long Halloween), Mike Mignola (Hellboy), Joe Quesada (Marvel), Jeff Smith (Bone, RASL), Gail Simone (Birds of Prey), Chris Ware, Kevin Conroy (voice of Batman of Batman: The Animated Series), Max Brooks (zombie survival guide), fantasy author George RR Martin, and a TON of small-press/independent/underground/online comic artists like Daniel Corsetto (Girls with Slingshots), John Campbell (Pictures for Sad Children), Jeph Jacques (Questionable Content), KC Greene (Gunshow Comic), Laura Innes (The Dreamer), and a TON more I can't even begin to list here. Here's the official roster of guests-

In addition to guests, the con will also feature DOZENS of panels, some free movie showings, and a couple hundred exhibitors who'll be selling t-shirts, DVD's, comics, books, toys, and whatever else you can imagine. The tickets are a bit pricy, admittedly, but the turn out is going to be really amazing, so I suggest that everyone keep an open mind to the convention as a way to meet great artists, do a little nerdy shopping, and have a good time. Plus, you can also show up in costume. Or hang out with people who do. Or make fun of the inevitably bad costumes. You know, whatever.

- David Mitchell