Monday, September 28, 2009

Presentation Party! (ahem, schedule)

Hi all, below is the official schedule for in-class comics artist presentations.

Plan ahead: you will need to (1.) research interviews,articles, and high-quality images to address the requirements discussed in class (2.) read *at least* one complete printed work that you'll bring to share with the class, and (3.) organize and present a cohesive visual (Powerpoint or Keynote) presentation for the class.

So, without further ado, here's the calendar:

Oct 2: Caitlin Ostrow (David B.); Marissa Eurek (Julie Doucet)
Oct 9: Andrew Shen (Paul Pope); Jane Pigliacelli (Alison Bechdel); Ali Adame (Jhonen Vasquez)
Oct 16: Mike DuPree (Taiyo Matsumoto); Antonia Neva (Marjane Satrapi); John Cho (Kohta Hirano; Erica Li (Jessica Abel)
Oct 30: James Lee (John Porcellino); Lauren Smith (Anders Nilsen); Luthando Mazuboko (Windsor McCay)
Nov 6: Stephen Oliver ( Moebius); Sam Smith (Simon Bisley); Stephen Settles (Osamu Tezuka)
Nov 13: Dylan Rabe ( Frank Miller); Tatsumi Hsu (Junji Ito); Matt Koos (Renee French)