Friday, December 7, 2007

PDF Comics

So: while everyone got their comics completed on deadline, several folks did not get them printed in time for our exchange on December 5th. The links below will download PDF comics of each person's work. Please be sure to download and read each one before the crit Friday.

I recommend taking a page of your notebook or sketchbook and jot down notes about each person's comic (whether in PDF or printed form) as you read. Bring it with you to critiques so that we have a basis to start from. Otherwise it's likely you'll forget all about the subtle panel transitions and wording choices you meant to comment on, and that'd make for a pretty lackluster discussion on our last day.

So - without further ado, I bring you:

* Mary Zolp's "The Little White Bird"
* Dann Tincher's "Mann Versus"
* Ernest Kim's untitled (Skulltastic) comic
* Chris Nania's "Death in Vegas"
* Matt Litwin's Scrollable Comic and here the Page-by-Page Version
* Bryan Underhill's Death of a Mariachi
* Rebecca Bach's "The Real True Story of How the Easter Bunny Came to Be"

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