Sunday, December 7, 2008

Web Comics!

I think that, compared to printed comics, I've ended up reading web comics a whole lot more. I thought I'd share some info with you guys about a web comic artist that I recently discovered.

A couple of weeks ago when I was at Borders, I found a graphic novel version of the first book of The Babysitters Club. Of course, like I know a lot of girls did, I read The Babysitters Club series when I was in elementary school, and I remembered reading an article about the new graphic novels online a while ago, so I bought the first book out of curiosity... and I thought it was actually pretty cool. I did a search on the artist, Raina Telgemeier, and come to find out, she also has a really awesome web comic! Also, I hadn't realized that she's the wife of Dave Roman, another comic artist who I've known about and talked to on LJ. Talk about a small world!

Check out Smile!. It's a really great webcomic. Right now it's on hiatus since she's planning on publishing the rest in book form, but hopefully when it comes out to print it'll be an awesome comic comic, too.

Also, here's a list of a bunch of other webcomics I frequent that you all may be interested in reading:

White Ninja Comics
Cat and Girl
Perry's Bible Fellowship
Thinkin' Lincoln
Ryan Estrada Comics
Kiskaloo (This comic is actually drawn by one of my favorite Disney artists, Chris Sanders, who directed Lilo and Stitch)
Bob The Angry Flower

And here's a short synopsis on web comics from a guy that I think some of you might find familiar. :)

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