Friday, October 16, 2009

Best manga ABOUT MANGA!!!

Hey everyone, this is Tatsumi.

I want to share a manga with you guys, but sadly its not translated into English,
and I dont think it will be anytime soon, or ever.

It's called "Bakuman" and it's the newest (and still ongoing) series by the two authors
of Death Note. It is a story about two middle school (currently high school in the series)
trying to become a manga artist in the most popular manga magazine in Japan, "Shonen Jump".

Alot of people have questions, including Japanese people like myself, on the steps and techinques, what goes on during drawing a manga, and such more. Everything is in this comic starting from these two kids submitting their work to win prizes, all the way to becoming a professional manga artist in Japan.

If you ever wanted to experience what it feels like to be a part of the manga culture in Japan, this is the manga for you. The good news is that probably because the authors are the same as Death Note, many foreign fans have translated this comic. Below is the link.

If this doesnt work for you, tons more will come up if you type "read bakuman online" or something in google. I am usually against illegal uploading and viewing of comics, but some things you just gotta share! But if it ever does come up in the US, please buy it after you read it online. I'm sure you will sympathize more and buy it too after you read how hard it is to survive as a manga artist in a weekly magazine :)



christa said...

Thanks so much for sharing this! For more info on the Manga business in Japan, I also highly recommend Yoshihiro Tatsumi's autobiography, "A Drifting Life!"

Dan said...
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Black Lantern said...

Bakuman is awesomse. if you want the files on ur comp, i can pirate pretty much anything, and i have bakuman, so just ask.
on a side note you guys should also check out the notenki memoirs by yasuhiro takeda. it documents the start of gainax, and covers some problems they had in making evangelion. i'll bring it in this friday.