Friday, October 30, 2009

Super Duper Awesome Amazing Comic Group

hey guys, as i mentioned in class today, i'm gathering a group to produce and distribute a bi-monthly anthology of comic works. anyone can join.

you don't need to have a 12 page epic every issue. works range from 1 pagers, political cartoons, to an on going series. if we have too many people, its possible we can do a rotating roster. if it does turn out to be a rotating roster, the possibility of this turning into a monthly thing is more than possible.

this is not by any stretch of the imagination a money maker. this is just for fun, get our work out, and learn about the annoying side of comic production. its also good to have a group of people serious about comics to get feed back outside of class. AND if you join, you'll get access to my giant collection of comics.

email me if you're interested. me and my co-organizer will organize a meeting within the next week to discuss production, printing, and distribution outlets we've come up with. its also a chance to give us inputs and ideas, and just to get everyone on the same page.

my email is:

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