Saturday, March 13, 2010

Comics in the News

Hot on the heels of discussions around the "economics of comics" raised during last week's Chicago Comics Symposium, here are two news articles of interest:

The first addresses the decision to pull weekly comics from newspapers across the country, including a "survivor-style" contest to nix less-popular strips that I find rather horrifying. Whether newspaper strips are of interest to you as an artist or not, they have historically been many people's first introduction to basic "comics literacy." What do you make of it?

The second article is less about graphic narratives and more about miniature paper laboratories that diagnose illnesses with comic-book inks. Some excellent comic-book-reading scientists are surely behind this plan. This reminds me to mention that the Union of Concerned Scientists is planning a Student Edition of its regular annual Science Idol: Scientific Integrity Editorial Cartoon Contest .The winner will receive $1,000 for their design, and runners up will get $500 and $100, respectively. More info on this as it develops!

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