Saturday, March 13, 2010


This is David here.

I'm a pretty big supporter of web-media when it comes to comic distribution, and I really can see the internet becoming the big new venue for comic releases. Web-comics are multiplying like rabbits, with thousands of new titles being put online yearly, may of which are actually quite good. I'm no expert on web-comics to the point where I could write a book on them or anything, but I've probably read upwards and above 100 webcomics since I started reading them in high school. With that in mind, I though I might post some links here to some of my most high recommended.

First up is Rice-Boy:

Rice-Boy actually isn't just a single tale, it's a website with three sections. First up is The Adventures of Rice-Boy, a now-complete 450-page adventure tale about a cute little guy named Rice-Boy who lives in a sort of surreal fantasy world. It follows his quest to save the world after being selected by a mysterious robot named The One Electric. Beautiful art-work and a very imaginative world.

In addition to The Adventures of Rice-Boy, the website also has Order of Tales, a now 500+ page epic that's not yet complete. Taking place in the same world as The Adventures of Rice-Boy, it's a slightly darker tale that explores the vast fictional world of Overside. There's also a third section to the website which features a variety of short-stories taking place in the same world as the previous two mentioned stories. Really all quite looking in to. Enjoy.

- David

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